Workshop 3 East Cleveland Village Big Local

East Cleveland Villages Big Local next interactive zoom workshop is tomorrow at 6pm.

Join in the online discussions or even just see how the last ones have been going by clicking on the links on this page.

There is still time to get involved pop an email to we will ensure Kevin and Jeanette get you registered for the zoom meeting and send you the links to get involved

Workshop 3 Running order

Outcomes from Workshops


East Cleveland Villages Big Local Plan & Review Meetings Continue

It is never too late to get involved in developing the plan for East Cleveland Villages Big Local. Last week some local residents and businesses got together on zoom to talk about the things that were important to them for their area and to revisit the consultation that was undertaken late last year.  Tonight we will be firming up the priorities for the new plan and the documents which accompany this post will help to focus the discussion.  Some of you will have been involved in consultations late last year where these priorities were identified and we are now at a stage where the plan is being written.

Our next zoom meeting is tonight at 6.00 p.m. and if you have not been involved before but are interested in becoming involved please contact


Further background reading for workshops can be found on the following links

Where to Now – the final 5 years


Big Local partnershipsEast Cleveland Villages BL Plan FINAL 190516

East Cleveland Villages BL Plan FINAL 190516

Ideas from ConsultationsECV Plan to Local Trust July 2013

Ideas from Consultations