Welcome to the Tees Valley Volunteering Charter

A new volunteering charter, designed to help organisations give volunteers assurances on the quality of their experience launches today.

Tens of thousands of people take on voluntary roles across Tees Valley every year, making a huge contribution to the welfare of their communities, whilst having an enjoyable and rewarding time.

Developed by the Tees Valley Infrastructure Partnership (TVIP), the Charter features a list of statements which organisations pledge to work towards. These include, making sure volunteering is welcoming and accessible and providing volunteers with the support they need.

By signing up to the Charter, organisations show they value the contribution volunteers make and commit to providing a high quality and positive experience. The Charter is non-prescriptive, meaning organisations are free to put policies and procedures in place to meet the Charter’s statements in a way that suits them.

Catalyst’s CEO, Jon Carling, a member of TVIP said, ‘the Partnership is delighted to have worked together with colleagues across the Tees Valley to develop the Charter. When volunteers see the Charter featured on organisation’s website and in their premises, they know they are committed to providing the best volunteering experience possible’.

Mark Davis, Chief Executive of Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency, added “Volunteers tell us all the time how much they enjoy volunteering. They make such a difference to the lives of local people, and add a lot of value to the economy too. Organisations which sign up to the Charter will be showing a real commitment to supporting our volunteers.”

Organisations can sign up to the Charter from 1st July and will receive a copy of the Charter statements, along with a certificate to show their commitment to working to meet these. They will also be provided with suggestions of how they can tailor their practice to achieve the Charter statements.

If you are an organisation based in Darlington and would like to sign up to the Charter or for any further information please complete the form by clicking here.

For further information contact  TVRA’s, Julie Thornton, at info@teesvalleyruralaction.co.uk or 01642 213852.

If you are from one of the other areas in the Tees Valley please see below for your relevant contact:

Darlington: Julie Thornton – info@teesvalleyruralaction.co.uk

Stockton: Lucy Owens – lucy.owens@catalyststockton.org or click here

Hartlepool: Tracy Harvey – tracy.harvey@hartlepool.gov.uk

Middlesbrough: Lesley Spaven – lesley.spaven@mvdauk.org.uk or click here

Redcar and Cleveland: Carole Marshall – carole.marshall@rcvda.org.uk or click here