CoVid 19 VCSE online community

VONNE and the North East Local Infrastructure Organisations have set up an online community via Knowledge Hub to provide a platform for VCSE organisations to communicate with each other and share information and resources as we work through these challenging times.  If you would like to join the group please request to join via the group web address:  you will also have to register on the website so that other members can see who you are.

We hope this will be a useful resource for organisations to use to communicate with each other during this time.  The group has a library where you can share useful documents, a forum where you can talk to each other, a blog, events page and an ideas page.  We have set up some initial library and forum categories but please feel free to add your own.  VONNE and the LIOs will also be continuing their own mailings and keeping their websites up to date with guidance and information.

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